Tuesday, February 28, 2012


What's better than a redo done....well, I am sure you can think of a lot of things, but still they are pretty cool.

The mirror from this haul was in great shape but everything else was scratch and dents. They needed lots of TLC, creativity, and imagination. But that's the exciting part, right? The challenge!

I loved the unusual style of this stool with a back. The cushion fabric is pretty cool and is well made with piping top and bottom.

However, I wasn't too hip with the chipped paint and the stencil which was a conflict of style with the cushion pattern.

Being a small job, I chose spray paint.

Removed cushion, sanded, and primed with spray primer.

Two coats of paint and some wipe-on poly completed the job. This project was for fun and I thought this would go with some other things in my booth at Through the Garden Gate.

This small patio table was a find for $2.50 at a Windsor Estate sale. After cleaning the glass, I knew it wasn't able to be reused.

So, what to do? How about another stool? Why not!

Lots of scraping. Lots of eco friendly(?) stripper. Lots of sanding. Whew! Then primer. And, just because something is small does not make it easier or faster to paint. There are so many angles to get on this piece, and I couldn't believe how many spots I kept finding that I missed.

The gold color is a Valspar metallic. Note to all. This stuff is potent. Always wear a mask and have excellent ventilation no matter how small a project!

Converted from table to stool with drilled holes on each top piece.

Half inch thick piece of wood seemed sturdy for sitting. Cut to fit top without overhang.

I knew I wanted fabric with a silk-like texture and an Oriental vibe. Found this remnent downstairs at the antique mall. It is also very durable. Gotta keep the sitting thing in mind. I also chose a 4" thick foam cushion.

Traced board on foam and then cut foam to size. Even though sides of wood are sanded and contoured, I use batting for extra protection and durability.

Sides are alternately stapled first, then each corner. Repeat procedure with fabric.

I really want to keep it but some of the critters in the house would find it too tempting for clawing. Rats! (They are not rats... that was just an exclamation...they are cats.)

Hopefully someone will take it home from the antique mall and give it a loving home. :)

I am always looking for items with bamboo accents or legs. I was glad to find this for such a bargain.

I was even more happy to see what it turned into. Hope ya'll like it and want to see more. I've got lots more to finish this week because I am adding another booth space so I gotta fill it up the first of the month.

It's bye for now, but more to come this weekend!


  1. Loooove that bamboo bench! The gold is perfection!!!

  2. Thanks Erin! It was a fun project......speaking of fun....and projects....I am dying to get back over to Class and Trash! I am gonna make time this weekend!

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