Friday, February 10, 2012


Rein in your imagination....I'm talkin' about a design principal in decorating!

 I had just went through my dvr episodes of Candice Tells All (Candice Olsen HGTV designer extraordinaire), and I watched an episode titled "The Art of Balance and Design."

The timing of this couldn't be better because I just made a haul at the Salvation Army.

Where was everything going to go in relation to each other as well as how was it going to look as a whole?

 Candice explained it so well! Different tones and different textures carry different weights. To balance out a room, take what has the same "weight" visually and use your pieces symmetrically or assemetrically to balance each other.

Like I said, this episode came at just the right time. Not only had i just bought all these great small accessories, I had my awesome mirror, courtesy of Richmond Thrifter , in her booth at Clash and Trash. It is large and heavy and I was worried about it "weighing down a wall".

Size-wise, I thought it would be pretty cool above the bed. So up it went.

I liked it. With a new headboard, I think it will really make a statement.

So in my head, i kept repeating.....balance, balance balance. Starting with the biggest piece first helped alot.....I think.

On to the "smalls" from Salvation Army...nothing over $4.99.

Two small octagonal frames added up to balance one item on opposite wall. The vanity mirror and the ginger jar are assymetrically balancing each other on top of the dresser. The two sconces replaced two "lighter" wall hangings on each side of dresser mirror. The added "bulk" of the scrolled sconces next to the large dresser mirror worked well.

In addition, purchases from Goodwill, Habitat Restore, The Country Store at The Hermitage, and Cold Harbor Antique Mall came in different sizes ,shapes, and textures to play opposite each other on other walls.

Goodwill $3.25

Salvation Army $1.99.

Habitat $2 each

Took bamboo frame and combined it with bamboo wall plaque. The large size of the frame combined with all the open space of the plaque make it balance opposite two octogonal frames.

Small wall space next to large armoire is balanced by vertically placing bamboo trimmed mirror.

Goodwill $2.25

Nuthatches on dogwood branch is nicely matted and framed. This was a terrific find.

Goodwill $6.25

Goodwill $2.25

Other second-hand pieces placed throughout also balance each other with size, color,and texture.

Gilded pheasant from Luther's booth at Cold Harbor Antique Mall
Picture from The Country Store
Owl items from Goodwill.
Ebay lamp
Placemat from Target
Luther @ Cold Harbor Antique Mall
Triangle dish McMichael Estate Sale

All these pics show items in their first or second home. There is no telling where their "forever home" will be as I gather more finds and treasures.

I think this room will provide me with many more learning experiences. I think I will let the dust settle (figuratively) around the accessories...and choose another focus....textiles, lighting...hmmmm?


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