Thursday, February 2, 2012


While thinking about what my first post should be, I decided it should be about the first room I started on after moving. The room belongs to Kaite, who is now 15 years old. She grew out of the "tween" decor and wanted something a little more sophisticated.

Yes, the Hawaiian theme? was a little lame. I did like the hibiscus table runner as a valance though! At least it was better than what was in the room when we moved in......

Ummm?! What the? Cowboy leaning on tree smoking cig...Incredible Hulk and Pooh having honey? No I am not kidding. This was really on the wall.

Other than the interesting art work, should I go there and say those two horrible words? Yes, builder's grade. Ugh!

Thrifty Alert! Kaite's new found sophistication came second hand. Shelf, brackets, and fan all from Goodwill and spray painted black. Headboard was a "free find" also painted black. Black velvet pillows made from a Goodwill dress that she wore for Halloween. Pink and white pillow made from a blanket from Goodwill.

Dresser repurposed from her younger years. $5 projector from, can you guess, Goodwill....used to project zebra stripes from piece of fabric. Traced and painted. Stamped and free-hand painted design around bulletin board.

Nightstand is a tv tray from WalMart. Skirt is an actual skirt hot-glued to edge and trimmed with pom-poms. (The skirt was my Halloween costume.)

These are drapery tie-backs spray painted black. Perfect for knock off designer bags.

Brass lilly pad desk lamp was a thrifty find (spray painted black) as well as both curtains that replace a bulky closet door. Drapery rods for curtains swivel out for easy access to clothes.
I had a blast helping Kaite, and she has a few more design ideas.... a "french" looking desk and a new wall mirror are on her list. So I'll see what I can do. In the mean time we will let our inspiration guide us and our pocketbook keep us in check!

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  1. WOW! You definitely have vision. This is so awesome, I couldn't have thought it up myself, no way. If I were a teen, I'd never want to leave my room . . . .no, way a minute, teens never want to leave their rooms but you know what I mean :)