Tuesday, February 28, 2012


What's better than a redo done....well, I am sure you can think of a lot of things, but still they are pretty cool.

The mirror from this haul was in great shape but everything else was scratch and dents. They needed lots of TLC, creativity, and imagination. But that's the exciting part, right? The challenge!

I loved the unusual style of this stool with a back. The cushion fabric is pretty cool and is well made with piping top and bottom.

However, I wasn't too hip with the chipped paint and the stencil which was a conflict of style with the cushion pattern.

Being a small job, I chose spray paint.

Removed cushion, sanded, and primed with spray primer.

Two coats of paint and some wipe-on poly completed the job. This project was for fun and I thought this would go with some other things in my booth at Through the Garden Gate.

This small patio table was a find for $2.50 at a Windsor Estate sale. After cleaning the glass, I knew it wasn't able to be reused.

So, what to do? How about another stool? Why not!

Lots of scraping. Lots of eco friendly(?) stripper. Lots of sanding. Whew! Then primer. And, just because something is small does not make it easier or faster to paint. There are so many angles to get on this piece, and I couldn't believe how many spots I kept finding that I missed.

The gold color is a Valspar metallic. Note to all. This stuff is potent. Always wear a mask and have excellent ventilation no matter how small a project!

Converted from table to stool with drilled holes on each top piece.

Half inch thick piece of wood seemed sturdy for sitting. Cut to fit top without overhang.

I knew I wanted fabric with a silk-like texture and an Oriental vibe. Found this remnent downstairs at the antique mall. It is also very durable. Gotta keep the sitting thing in mind. I also chose a 4" thick foam cushion.

Traced board on foam and then cut foam to size. Even though sides of wood are sanded and contoured, I use batting for extra protection and durability.

Sides are alternately stapled first, then each corner. Repeat procedure with fabric.

I really want to keep it but some of the critters in the house would find it too tempting for clawing. Rats! (They are not rats... that was just an exclamation...they are cats.)

Hopefully someone will take it home from the antique mall and give it a loving home. :)

I am always looking for items with bamboo accents or legs. I was glad to find this for such a bargain.

I was even more happy to see what it turned into. Hope ya'll like it and want to see more. I've got lots more to finish this week because I am adding another booth space so I gotta fill it up the first of the month.

It's bye for now, but more to come this weekend!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


So many projects. So little time. Isn't that how it always goes?  No pressure though...yeah right! But ya can't let it get ya down.

I always try to remember that rehabilitating old or worn pieces takes lots of steps and therefore lots of time. Just enjoy the pace. Whatever the piece calls for and enjoy the result...a happy ending!

In the beginning this "free find" coffee table had water damage and white rings.
A light sanding took care of the problem areas and the remaining sections of wood showed me I needed three colors of stain.

In the top picture, I started with two sections of a dark walnut stain. I always waited until previously done sections were completely dry before taping off others.

Boy, that used to be a horrible habit of mine! Impatient, I would rush a project and ruin the finish because it hadn't dried.

Now, I keep projects in a rotation so that I can leave one to dry and work on another. This works better for me. (Thank goodness!)

Mid century coffee table

I even learned my lesson about letting finishes and sealants cure. Common sense is so handy sometimes!

I would love to keep the coffee table. It's right up my alley. My most recent obsession is mid century furniture and accessories. But...that "1196sqft" thing limits such furniture options.

It is in one of my spaces at Through the Garden Gate Antiques. Hopefully someone will love it like I do.

Here are some other projects that are in the production line:

Windsor Estate sale finds

So far, I have sanded, primed, and chosen a paint color for this chair. After painting it, I might consider another stencil or something decoupaged on the back...only if it looks like it needs it.

I wasn't going to keep this sewing stool, but after starting to decorate the master bedroom, I decided the dog's toys would store nicely inside.

A small rip on the seat calls for a new cover for the top. I think it will be cute when I get it finished.

I saw this at Goodwill for $8 and couldn't resist. So far, it is sanded, primed, and painted an off white in this pic.

Besides the usual distressing and waxing I could do to this piece, I thought it still needed something.

So I am in the process of decoupaging fabric to the top and bottom sections.

I've been on a red, white, and blue kick lately.


Glad to say the rocking chair already sold. Hope they love it!

There are also some things I need to think about concept-wise or color-wise.

Whatever am I gonna do with these?

Headboard turned coat rack?

Twin bed painted and distressed?

Really stumped for paint colors.

I bet there are some great inspirational ideas out there in blogland, so no need to delay.....I've armed with my "Pin It" button and I am prepared to use it.

I'll keep ya'll updated!

Monday, February 20, 2012


Seek and ye shall find. Shop and ye shall buy.

Needless to say the past weekend was a successful treasure hunt. Got some things on my list as well as others that were too good to pass up. 

The Japanese wall screens, the two small tables, and the desk lamp were from The Verve Home Furnishings Warehouse sale.  Such a fun place...tons of fabulous and funky furnishings to look at and the owner, Kim, is so knowledgable and fun! Her love for great stuff is inspiring!

Next door to The Verve is Amy King Pope's warehouse space. She does decorating and estate consulting so there are aisles and aisles of antiques and unique items. I bought the sewing table, the industrial metal crate, and two great quality lampshades.

Both spaces being open on the same day is really a great idea!

I knew I wanted some screens to put next to the mirror on the master bedroom wall. The scale is a little too small so maybe some added trim around the outside of each screen will fill it out. I also want the metal botanicals to show behind the thinner part of the lamps.

The harps on the lamps will need to be shorter to allow the lampshades to cover more of the lamp and be more in scale.

After those two projects and a new headboard, I think I might have somethin'!

I thought about a pedastal for this urn I bought at The Hermitage for $3. But, when I saw the bamboo legs and the brass tray on this table, it wasn't difficult to change my mind.

To make this corner a little more lively, I think I will buff the metal circles on the table with a little gold to make it really stand out and buff the light a little too. I will go with the striped fabric to cover the chair. Got both pieces of fabric for $1 each downstairs at the fabric booth at Through The Garden Gate Antiques. Great deal!

Also went to an estate sale in "The Fan" in downtown Richmond. Incredible architecture inside and out. Huge interior columns, ornately carved banister and trim. Items for sale were unique. Lots of vintage clothing and hats.

I bought three maps for decoupaging projects, some lace, and fabric for a whopping total of $3. Good deal!

The master bedroom is really starting to shape up with the latest additions. Shopping was a must with the two warehouses open....but now there are projects to finish and catch up on...gotta go for now! But back at cha later!

Friday, February 17, 2012


It's the weekend and I just got back from Indianapolis and a night in Chicago. Can't be slackin' though because there are some special things going on.

The Verve Home Furnishings Warehouse sale is Saturday (the18th) from 10-5.
The warehouse isn't open regularly, so you may go by appointment or watch for a sale to be announced. Follow them on facebook or email to be alerted of sales at The warehouse is at 4903 West Leigh St. Richmond, VA 23230.

If you are addicted to retro, vintage, and midcentury this place is packed with fabulous finds!

Verve Facebook

Verve Facebook
Verve Facebook

Whew! I am fired up for that one! Hopefully I will find some goodies to round out the master bedroom redo.

Master Bedroom Lamps

I am on the search for lampshades to fit my 38" tall side table lamps. Brand new retro-style lampshades can be pricey! They are also rare if you are looking for the authentic thing....that's ok! I like the challenge!

Headboard needed

I would love a bookcase headboard with funky hardware on sliding doors.

Midcentury chair needs a friend

Gonna need a little table to go with this chair eventually. Maybe a Hollywood Regency style demi lune that hangs on the wall? Dunno, but I will be on the lookout!

There a couple of flea markets, estate sales, and yard sales on Richmond Craigslist that peeked my interest as well. I'll let ya know how it all goes!

Speaking of sales...I'm havin' a little sale of my own. I am running 20% off of both my booths at Through The Garden Gate Antiques on Route 301 in Mechanicsville, VA. There's plenty of neat stuff to look at!

Metal bed and retro game table

Mid century side table
Automatic Toy Company

"Love" it? A repurposed vanity mirror.

Sewing basket table and doll bench

Marble top mid century lamp table

Regency style side table and chair

Art Deco vanity, mirror, and stool

Mersman drum table
Mirrors, paintings, and prints

Wish me luck! It's gonna be fun no matter what!:)