Monday, February 20, 2012


Seek and ye shall find. Shop and ye shall buy.

Needless to say the past weekend was a successful treasure hunt. Got some things on my list as well as others that were too good to pass up. 

The Japanese wall screens, the two small tables, and the desk lamp were from The Verve Home Furnishings Warehouse sale.  Such a fun place...tons of fabulous and funky furnishings to look at and the owner, Kim, is so knowledgable and fun! Her love for great stuff is inspiring!

Next door to The Verve is Amy King Pope's warehouse space. She does decorating and estate consulting so there are aisles and aisles of antiques and unique items. I bought the sewing table, the industrial metal crate, and two great quality lampshades.

Both spaces being open on the same day is really a great idea!

I knew I wanted some screens to put next to the mirror on the master bedroom wall. The scale is a little too small so maybe some added trim around the outside of each screen will fill it out. I also want the metal botanicals to show behind the thinner part of the lamps.

The harps on the lamps will need to be shorter to allow the lampshades to cover more of the lamp and be more in scale.

After those two projects and a new headboard, I think I might have somethin'!

I thought about a pedastal for this urn I bought at The Hermitage for $3. But, when I saw the bamboo legs and the brass tray on this table, it wasn't difficult to change my mind.

To make this corner a little more lively, I think I will buff the metal circles on the table with a little gold to make it really stand out and buff the light a little too. I will go with the striped fabric to cover the chair. Got both pieces of fabric for $1 each downstairs at the fabric booth at Through The Garden Gate Antiques. Great deal!

Also went to an estate sale in "The Fan" in downtown Richmond. Incredible architecture inside and out. Huge interior columns, ornately carved banister and trim. Items for sale were unique. Lots of vintage clothing and hats.

I bought three maps for decoupaging projects, some lace, and fabric for a whopping total of $3. Good deal!

The master bedroom is really starting to shape up with the latest additions. Shopping was a must with the two warehouses open....but now there are projects to finish and catch up on...gotta go for now! But back at cha later!

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