Sunday, August 19, 2012

Early Bird Gets the Junk

I got up early but stayed local this weekend to attend the second day of an "Estate Sale by David" in Mechanicsville, VA.

David has been having some awesome sales where you can pile up your finds and get a super deal!

Granted, the last time, at a "David" sale,  I was in a dark attic (that was bigger than my whole house) which was hotter than a sauna! Of course I just pretended like I was at the spa while finding treasures....what a fantasy!

Saturday's sale didn't have an overstuffed attic, but there was a two story barn that was an adventure in rust, cobwebs, and dust galore!

Estate Sale Finds

Nothing had a price on it in the barn. Now that's my kinda sale because you can bargain if needed.

Between the estate sale and a couple of other garage sales, I forked over a grand total of $45. Not too shabby and way below husband loved that!

Vintage Metal Register

Sometimes I actually have a plan and a wish list in my head...especially after checking out preview pics on a estate sale company website or

This time, I bought some things that had nice lines and potential for crafting at a later date. My favorite thing was the vitage metal register. It could go in the garden for visual effect or be used to hang earrings on, for example.

Vintage Sewing Table Drawers

These sewing table drawers were previously claimed. Boy was I bummed! But, when we, myself and super junk hunter friend, Melanie, were outside the barn, she spotted them sitting on the ground!

Industrial Gears and Shelves

Usually I buy items to refinish for my home or antique mall booths, but I am branching out and adding some rusty industrial items in the mix. I like the gears and shelf for using in vignettes.

Two little Frenchie tables caught my eye on a drive by yard sale. It was getting later in the day and I was able to bargain a lower price. SOLD!

They are petite and short, but when side by side, I think they are a alternative to a long, one-piece coffee table. I finished them with Valspar antiquing glaze and took them to the antique mall today. (Through the Garden Gate Antiques in Mechanicsville, VA)

Antique Hardware on Shutters

How many shutter ideas are on Pinterest? Millions?! I couldn't resist the pair of shutters with the rustic hardware.

Retro Replogle Globe

So where in the world did you thrift this weekend?

As always, happy hunting! 

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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Master Bathroom Was A Blank Slate

Ever have one of those rooms that is just so blank and blah, that one day you wake up and you just can't take it any longer?

So , your fancy is struck and your immediate inspiration and desire for change send you into a redecorating frenzy!

Meanwhile, your creativity has to replace the means for having a planned budget. 

No sweat. Figuratively speaking.......

Boring Master Bath Before

Master Bath After

Khaki paint called "Cabin"  added just enough color on the walls.

Log Trimmed Mirror

Backyard branches serve as a frame for the mirror.

Easy Scrapbook Paper Art

An existing frame got a more natural look with a piece of scrapbook paper.

Window Valance Made from Scrap Material

Leftover scrap material pieced together and box-pleated made a nice topper for the window. I did splurge and bought a woven wood blind from Lowe's. This was the most expensive item used for the redo. I believe it was around $35.

Woven Wood Blind from Lowe's

This low-light loving plant loves the space under the window. Mulch made for orchid plants is an attractive cover over the soil and it helps retain moisture.

Cabinet Drawer Repurposed as Shelf

A trip to the Habitat Home Store in Mechanicsville, VA provided a cabinet drawer that I repurposed into a shelf for holding toiletries and necessities.

Vintage Metal Pitcher

The air return register is directly above the shelf so the eucalyptus in the vintage pitcher acts as an air freshener when the air blows over it. I also put popourri in the bowls.

Natural Twig and Branch Towel Hooks

Towel Loops were constructed from an old belt and hung on stained branches.

Belt Buckle Towel Hanger

Bath Necessities: Salts, Oatmeal, and Baking Soda

These additives for the bath are inexpensive and easy. Salts ease aches, oatmeal softens skin, and baking soda soothes mosquito bites. Add lavendar or oils for aromatherapy. Ahhhhhhhhhh!

Swagged Curtain With Tie Back

Again, extra material and some trim scraps piece together for a drapery accent over the shower curtain.

Hammered Copper Spray Paint

Inexpensive and easy, spray paint ties in hardware and accessories.

Stick-On Vinyl Tiles

Big Lots had these vinyl tiles that can be put on right over the existing vinyl. A quick fix for around $10.



I feel so much better after banishing the blahs! And my pocketbook still feels great afterwards too!

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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Estate Sale Thrifty Finds

Awesome finds today! After searching the postings for yard sales and estate sales on Craigslist and, I plotted a course through Ashland, VA, (right before the visiting Mitt Romney traffic, thank heavens) Richmond, VA, and western Henrico County.

The first sale, in Ashland, was a picker's dream! Full house....upstairs, downstairs and sun porch. Outside....huge garage and open storage out-buildings piled high with rustic and industrial goodies.

This one was family run, which I prefer. Better prices and they always love bundling. You also get to hear stories and the history behind the items you pick.

Lets take a peek, shall we?!

Not an actual antique, but I think it's cute enough! I bought this for my parent's guest room. My mother has a Jenny Lind bed that this table will complement nicely. We will have to decide if it is going to be painted, though.

I am a complete sucker for wood tool boxes and crates, etc. When I saw the iron handle on the handmade box I loved it! I was also diggin the aluminum lunchbox and the glass jar. All three can be repurposed and used in a crafty manner.

Next sale was in an older neighborhood and it must have belonged to a real swinger! The house was retro mid century with shagtastic radios and speakers built into the walls, a bar in the den with a rock wall fireplace, and a pool table in the man-of-leisure room (man cave).

This esate sale was also run by the family and they really gave great deals. I scored this lovely mirror for five bucks! Sold! Should I leave it gold or do I dare paint it glossy white? Decisions, decisions!

I also got this absolutely fabulous owl pendant! It was a whopping dollar bill! Awesome deal!

And when I found out I could get this mid century stool/ottoman for $4, well say no more. You had me at $4! I will find some funky material to recover it. I love the slight curve of the wood legs. So unique!

Me and my other "junkies" (my husband and step-daughter) went on to two more estate sales. One by Fini and the other by Susan's Selections. It was the second day so there were 20% and 50% savings respectfully.

What a great haul all in all. I can't wait to see all the other great finds from the weekend out there in the blog-o-sphere! 

Happy Hunting!

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