Tuesday, February 7, 2012


The guest room wasn't a pressing issue. It was painted by the previous owner and it was bearable. I like green.

Unfortunately, it had all the little touches that made it out of touch with any hint of asthetically pleasing decor. Dark wood trim, mini blinds, bright brass hardware, yellowing outlet plates, and builder grade lighting.

Next thing I know, guests big and little, were on the approaching horizon.  Ok...the timeline was a month.  My new little neighbor would be spending her days with me while her parents were at work. My family would also be visiting in the fall. I needed a space fit for a newborn as well as for visiting family.

Paint color was easy. Valspar Wintergreen Ash was on a "cheat sheet" postcard on display at Lowe's. It caught my eye.  Hubby's childhood bed was in the attic. Cm'on down! (Fancy bed for a boy!) Ok, whatever. We went with it and I stuck with the stained wood. I can always change it later.

Nightstand was a "free find" and it was spray painted Pebble by Krylon. Nice and neutral. The lamp was reused from the tween Hawaiian room. I thought the base reminded me of a buoy. (A theme is surfacing) Clock was $1.25 from Goodwill.

Soon came a call from the all-time greatest shopper I know, my friend Golden. "Want to go to Ikea?" Ummmm....YESSSS!!! I knew I needed a shelf so Ikea is a great place to go for such things. In a small space, 11' x 9', you have to go vertical.

More help came when my mom sent me some of my favorite childhood books by Marguerite Henry. Ta da! A theme. We had been to Chincoteage and Assateague on the Eastern shore...what could be a better inspiration for a room than wild ponies and the beautiful seashore?

Other books by author. I love the cover art. These covers aren't in production any more.

Unconventional rocking chair. $15 at an estate sale. My whole house would fit in the basement of the home of the sale. I love seeing inside other houses. Some are truly amazing! Fabric will eventually be sewn to fit cushion. It's on the list...

Valance by Nautica (really riding this theme thing) was $2.25 at Goodwill. Finials from Goodwill as well.

Scattered throughout are pics from our trip. Though a collage of pics condensed on one wall...maybe later on.

Underbed storage on wheels from WalMart online. They have chalkboard fronts. Do site to store option for delivery. It's like getting free shipping. Just pick it up at the store closest to you. Small chest repurposed for toy storage.

Speaking of toys. I love vintage or retro toys. Find 'em for less at yard sales.

Chair was a "free find". It actually rocked but the runners were broken. Off they came! Crib skirt is inspired by Tori Spelling's. Wow, ok! Mine is made with an old pillowcase. Check it out!

Habitat had this light for $5. I sprayed the base bronze and trimmed the edge in red. Handy hubby rewired insides...which is reccommended for all retro lighting.

In the background of the light picture is a vintage knob I had that is used for the attic door. Best investment this year: a pretzel barrel full of vintage knobs for $3!

Speaking of deals, JoAnne fabric is moving and the old location had these fab fabrics for 50-75% off. I figure I will get around to some accent pillows eventually.

So that's a pretty good start for now. There's always room for inspiration!


  1. Wow! I love how you made a lovely room out of absolutely nothing! Nice work. Love all the estate sale and goodwill finds! And I laughed at the "my whole house would fit in the basement of the estate sale" comment.

  2. Jen, I love the room!! You are so are able to turn what most of us would throw away into something that many would spend a lot of money on! Great Work...and thanks for mentioning me in your is time for another IKEA trip!!