Monday, June 25, 2012


I wasn't going to junk hunt this weekend, but a nearby antique store was having a yard sale. Chandler Antiques in Mechanicsville, VA had tables and tables of wares spread out in their parking lot so my husband graciously pulled over.

This sale was great for finding those bits and pieces that complete projects. I really got lucky because they had a lot of great plates in all colors, shapes and sizes.

Sherry @ Recycled By Skattur on Etsy

My goal is to make garden flowers out of the different plates. Just like the one above, my favorite, there are many beautiful ones on Etsy.

Previously, I picked up seven of these green, leafy plates for $3.25. I thought these would be great background plates for the flowers and the price was definitely right.

At the sale, I kept mixing and matching plates in different combos until I arrived at six arrangements that I liked:

There were many pretty plates with great design and color to choose from. I also ended up choosing some salt and pepper shakers in different forms to serve as the seed or stamen part of the flower in the center. In the top picture I even used an old brooch.

To finish these flowers, I will glue a small bottle upside down on the back of the flower to slide over a piece of rebar that is stuck in the ground.

Now, for what else I found...let's call her the new mascot of my garden......

I'm not sure what I'll name her, but I do think I will paint her. She has flowers in various places which I think should be turquoise and green.

It's obvious she's enjoying the clover in the yard for now, but she will be allowed to wander about as she pleases.

And here she is frolicking in the creeping jenny.

In her previous life she was a piggy bank, but now, in her forever home, she can just be a pig with a life of leisure!

For the plates and the pig, along with a couple of other small treasures, I spent $20. A small price to pay for flowers that never die and a pet you never have to feed! Happy me!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Father's Day Thrifty Finds

Been searching for the perfect Father's Day gift? I have. Last time I visited my dad he told me he needed a lamp for the roll top desk.

It's been a couple months since then and I haven't found just the right one. I will visit my folks again in July so I have an extra cushion of time to find one...

In the meantime though, I have collected and discovered some other items perfect for any dad on his special day! Here are some pics of some "mantiques" and other cool stuff I have in my booths at Through The Garden Gate Antiques in Mechanicsville, Virginia.

"The Man in Charge"

Who's a manly god-like wood carving? This guy! Wouldn't he look great in the man cave or on the back deck tiki bar presiding over the bottles of tequelia and rum? Watch out Captain Morgan there's a new guy in charge!

"True Blood room decor"

Is your dad a True Blood fan? Decorate his man space with "sexy beasts"! His animal instincts on display!

"Vegas in a Box"

Can't afford the airfare and hotel? Give him Vegas in a box!

Fishing Creel  Cookie Jar

Crystal Large Mouth Bass

Does dad already have a garage full of poles and tackle? Please his taste of fishing with homemade cookies in a fishing creel jar or a crystal large mouth bass.

Mad Men Inspired

Maybe dad needs a place to store his manly wares. Take this redo dresser to the next level and use it as a bar or a place to store poker chips and such.

Vintage Lovin'

Is "old cool stuff" always on his list. Planers and military trunks look great on display.

Got Prince Albert in a Can? Better Let Him Out!

(That's My Mom's Joke) Good one, mom!

Because dad is Fine and Dandy!

Because dad is "Fine and Dandy" skip the big box store and think outside the (cigar) box! Visit Through the Garden Gate antiques (or your local antiqe mall)!

Happy Father's Day!

Thursday, June 7, 2012


Do I often buy plants at Wal-Mart? No I do not.

Did I tonight? Why, yes I did and if you live in Hanover County, VA or close by, maybe you should check it out too!

There are some nice perennials that will come back year after year for CHEAP...CHEAP.....CHEAP!!!

As you can see by the tag, salvia is a great cut flower and the bees and butterflies love it. Put it in the sun. It looks really beautiful in a cottage garden.

May Night Salvia bloom

There were a few blooms left on a few of the plants, but never let "spent" blooms on a perennial stop you from buying it if the plant is otherwise healthy.

Salvia is even a "cut and come again" plant. Cut the dead blooms and watch them come back with more amazing color!

And look at this veronica, waterwise and easy to grow. The pic on the tag isn't great so see below.

The bees pick this as a favorite in my yard. You're not afraid of bees, right? Don't bee (ha) beecause (ha again) they are very important pollinators!!

Veronica bloom

Nothing is sweeter than a mass planting of shasta daisies. So lovely!

Shasta Daisy bloom

The above three plants are for sun, but they have some astibles and heucheras for the shade. An astible for $1.50! Wow!

Heuchera or Coral Bells


Like I said before, don't let the brown deter you from getting a great's worth $1.50 to wait for the bloom until next spring. Especially astibles!

Just wanted to share a great deal....but leave some for me! I'm going back to get more tomorrow!