Thursday, February 2, 2012


The hunt is on! Gather up your wish list and your inspirational pics you found on Pinterest and all those great diy blogs. I've scoured the internet for estate sales and found two. One in the 'Ville (Mechanicsville, VA) and one in Richmond.

I personally like to look on Craigslist and for upcoming sales. it's also a good idea to subscribe to the website of estate sale companies. This weekend the two sales I am going to are a Susan's Selections sale and the other is held by Windsor. Their websites are and Usually, you can see detailed pictures of items for sale.

Arrive a little earlier than an hour before the sale to get a place in line. One hour before the sale, numbers will be distributed and you can leave your place in line to go finish your coffee or socialize. 

Go prepared. Take a flashlight...sometimes the electricity is limited to certain areas or it may be off completely. Take a box to collect your treasures as you go through each room.

Image Detail

Wish me luck! I will share my finds on a later post. 

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