Saturday, March 3, 2012


Opened my third booth at the antique into the stash I dove. Looking at stacks of my thrifty finds can be a little overwhelming.

Then...looking at the hord of paints, glazes, and stains can really send the mind whirling! Don't forget to always look in the miss mix section of the paint department! If you love the color and know you will use it...then get it! The deep discounts make it worth the wait to use it. Hording can be a good thing, right!?

Sometimes the vision is clear. Sometimes the vision doesn't come until 485 pins later on Pinterest. So lets see what I came up with on a couple of upcyled and refurbished items.

Loved the lines on this little accent table. Found it at the Salvation Army for $25. Not bad for something with nice potential.

The table showed some wear so I knew I would start by sanding.

Started wih a dark base color. This would be a good start. Now it needed some dimension and character.

The bronze colored Martha Stewart paint went on like a glaze. I rubbed it on with a rag and dry brushed it. It still needs a little something....let's see....

To amp it up, I dry brushed gold on all accent pieces and trim like the medallion and rosettes.

Thanks to the fast drying action of all the paints this was a very quick and easy project. A faux finish can be simple with the right paint and brushes.

Now I want to keep it. Darn that 1196 sq. ft.! No where to put it!

In an earlier post, I had mention these "freebies". Even though the investment is low in these items, I still want them look like there was alot put into them.

The bulkier headboard was cut down and painted cream. To finish, it was antiqued with a valspar glaze.

The twin bed was painted a soft taupe and distressed. I added a premade wood applique to the headboard. I also antiqued it with the valspar glaze.

I was in a rustic mood, or rather these pieces put me in a rustic mood after that was what they told me they wanted to be!

The bed needed four new wheels. Found some downstairs in the antique mall for 50% off. What a bargain!

Found exactly six wrought iron hooks at Clash and Trash. I knew I would. It was meant to be a coat rack.

I can't believe this coffee table was a free find, but it sure was! I went with it's oringinal color scheme after sanding it all off and starting over.

I didn't have a glaze to match the dark stain, so I just used the stain itself as a glaze over the cream colored paint. I have read you can thin the stain with linseed oil and mineral spirits to give it the "workability time" of a glaze, but I just used it as is.

I liked the way it worked and looked so I won't hesitate to do the same on another piece.

So the new booth was somewhat full for a second, but am happy to say some pieces found a new home.

I had done many black pieces in the winter months. This drum table would look great as a night stand or as a lamp table. Hope the new owners love it.

I didn't have to do anything extremely cosmetic to this table when I found it  for free. I liked the detail on the doors. This could transist into a lot of styles. I wonder what the new owner's style is?

This midcentury table was snapped up quick. That's ok with me! There is another in my stash....a Lane Acclaim surfboard table! Geez I love midcentury!

Another black table from my winter project list recently was sold. I also obviously have a thing for black and cream. In fact, that is my wardrobe in a nutshell.


The two stools from the last post are also off to a new home. Lots of action goin' on at Through the Garden Gate Antiques! Come check it out! 

The Spring open house is March 10th! It's a party! Come join the fun!

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  1. You're doing a fabulous job!

  2. Thanks so much Heather! Hope you visit again!