Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Muscari vignette along path

Most of the daffodils have come and gone in my yard. Due to the mild winter here in zone 7a, there are plenty of other things starting to bloom to take their place. Muscari are a tiny version of a hyacinth. Planted in drifts and groups they can make an attractive impact.

I have seen them "naturalize", multiply and relocate, in other yards in the neighborhood. This makes them attractive for a cottage or woodland garden....gardens that are less formal.

Muscari grouping in a rock garden

White Muscari

Muscari Contrasts with Daffodils

Muscari is planted as a bulb, so you can plan your early Spring garden in the fall when you plant   your bulbs. I also can leave all my bulbs in the ground year round without digging them up for the winter months. Otherwise, bulb planting would be very inconvenient for me.

Jonquilla- One to Five Flowers per Stem

Some daffodils are still in bloom. I use white in the spring garden to contrast the foilage from evergreens and plants that are growing but have not yet produced color from blooming.

There are an amazing amount of daffodils to choose from. Go to to see an amazing selection. This is a family owned garden in Virginia. Their catalog is full of beautiful pictures and examples of planting arrangments.

Tulips in Spring

At first, I was hesitant about tulips...squirrels and deer love them. They also have a shorter bloom period. But the color is absolutely fabulous! I will plant more each year in the middle flower bed of the front yard. Later blooming perennials will grow up around them and hide bare stems after their petals have dropped.


To me, Hyacinth is the belle of the ball. Nice color and a compliment to many other plants like ferns and hostas. I like them along the path because of their fragrance. Plant them around a bench also to enjoy them fully.

Hyacinth and Hosta along Path

Besides bulbs there are perennials that are great for color and impact during Spring.

Moss Phlox

Moss Phlox has a creeping habit that looks good covering curbs, dripping over retaining walls, or sliding between boulders and rocks. It divides and transplants easily. It stays evergreen and is readily available in  nice colors.

Evergreen perennial: Candytuft

Candytuft is great in mounds next to spring blooming bulbs. It is also easy to divide and transplant.

Candytuft, Mountain Mint, and Japanese Maple

Ususally a Hellebore can cost up to $20 or more per plant at a nursery. I bought some seedlings on Craigslist for $1 a piece. It took three years to bloom but it was worth it to me. I have $200 worth now for $10.


Hellebores are evergreen and sprout seedlings that can be translpanted in your shade garden.


Other plants in my shade garden providing color already are:

Variagated Vinca Groundcover

Money Plant

Foam Flower

Evergreen Pieris Shrub

Other plants in the early Spring shade garden provide color via foilage.

Japanese Painted Fern and Astible


So that is a good start for Spring for sure. Things are really taking off in the beds that have been fed with compost and covered with mulch. Next garden post will probably include some azaleas and iris and some thrifty garden accessories. Stay tuned!

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