Monday, March 19, 2012


Part inspiration. Part anticipation. Lots and lots of imagination and vision. Experience, as well as an ability to learn quickly. Patience, diligence, and determination.

My motivation has changed in the past couple of years. I began because I liked the reduce, reuse, recycle aspect. Look around. Everyone has alot of stuff everywhere. Buying second-hand presented so many great deals and bargains for a great cause.

Then I started collecting and researching which is an interesting way to get great history lessons from some very colorful experts! 

Lastly, I started buying to rehab and resell items as a creative outlet.

I went to my favorite estate sale company, Windsor Estate Sales, to find this eclectic mix of styles and items. Love them!

The sale ad had certain key words that caught my interest....mid century, antiques.....

So that's where I start. Picking includes picking where to go. I like estate sales. They're fun to me. Lot's of new and interesting people to meet as well as running into friends. The deals are good too!

 Often, something catches my eye. It can be color, texture, or a certain style. Basically, I buy it if I think it is pretty. Pretty simple, huh? 

 With that in mind, I also check out the quality and craftmanship of the item as well as the age and origin. It is always more interesting when it is more unique because of these qualities.

Many items these days are reproduced for mass production to be sold by the big retailers. Unfortunately, they lack the charm and patina that makes the real thing so attractive.  The cobbler kit appealed to me because of its wear and tear.

I can picture this in a little decorative vignette on top of a dresser, console table, or atop of kitchen cabinets.

I loved the military footlocker and the planers. Authentic and rustic. I can see them adding visual interest as well as being conversational pieces.

I loved this white glass globe that used to be a part of a lamp or some kind of light perhaps. It's out of its original element, but that makes it fun and unusual. Why not put on a shelf mixed with other accessories from Pottery Barn or elsewhere.

The bamboo leg table was $2 so that was a no-brainer. With a little creative color and clean-up, it will surely shine.

This shaving stand has potential as well. It will remain true to form and color. That was an easy decision because it is clear to see its hidden true beauty.

It also had nice lines and details giving it great style.

So what inspires you? A beautiful, quality piece for refinishing or something that has potential for upcycling into a new purpose?

Pack up your creativity and open mind and get out there and go picking!


  1. I love all of this, especially that glass globe!!! I wish I cold go shopping at your booth! I found you on Cheri's blog hop, and am your newest follower, will you follow me back?

    1. Hi Karen I am following you and have been enjoying your posts! I loved that glass globe too! It had awesome details. I sold it already and wish I could see how it was used.