Tuesday, April 3, 2012


So lately, I've been acquiring, oh let's say, a few end tables.

Retro Glass Top Table

Mid Century Accent Table

The two above, bought at The Verve retro warehouse in Richmond, VA, were on my list for the master bedroom. I just needed two, that was all.

Then the "list" took on a life of its own and didn't want to die because the only furniture I have been coming across, that I can't pass up, are end tables!

Some are because of price.......

Queen Anne Legs

This table was a Goodwill find with a single digit price! It was a wreck, but with sanding, primer, paint, and new turned out nicely.

Mid Century Side Table

After showing up to pick up a free china cabinet from a Craigslist post, I asked if they had anything else they wanted to get rid of....the couple mentioned they were condensing households. Of course they did.... a pair of mid century end tables!

(Now I always ask the "anything else" question when I do a pick up....cuz you never know!)

I only had to sand and reseal the marble and apply some wood restorer, so they were worth it.

Mid Century Accent Table

This beautiful real wood table was buried in the garage at an estate sale. It was the last day of the sale, so it was 50% off. Not gonna pass it up... it ended up being $10. Just had to deep clean it and apply wood restorer and it shined right up. I love the patterns in the wood!

Mid Century Lamps Top Off Tables

My neighbor brought this retro table back from a "Community Clean Up Day" in Connecticut where she was visiting family. Free is the best price ever!

Corner Step Up Table

This step up table was a deal at Salvation Army. I liked the combination of the straight and curved lines. I primed and painted it cream then distressed the edges to accent the lines.



Goodwill had a pair of these custom made (tag with info was still attached underneath), solid oak tables for a really good price.

I painted them antique white, distressed them, and then glazed them. I struggled with them being all was missing some umpff (?) so I put gray on the top. That felt right so that's how they're stayin".

Oval Mersman Table Before

Oval Mersman Table After

Usually, if I like a retro/vintage table it ends up being a Mersman. This happens to me with clothes also...if I like it, it is usually the same designer over and over again.  The step up table above is also a Mersman. The original company was sold in 1963. It was founded in 1870 and after being passed around a while it finally closed in 1995.

Plain White Plant Stand Before 

Painted, Antiqued, and Distressed

Technically, these are plant stands, but I bought a small herd of them from an estate sale and I suppose they could transist to  accent tables. At the same sale, I bought another mid century table with steel legs. It is holding up the gold lamp and other finds in the picture below and there are also all the plant stands.

Estate Sale Finds


Steelcase legs and dark laminate are definitely signs of a "Mantique", a masculine antique.
The black panther seals the deal on the masculine angle!

Goodwill Side Table

This table was at Goodwill forever. It is very odd looking...kind of like a little robot. Anyway, it was a sad looking little robot table with ugly knobs  and chipped veneer.

It sat there until it went 50% off. Since I already had opened a shelter for end tables apparently, I bought this one too.

I couldn't change the shape, so I decided to accent it.

Nailhead Trim

Mis-Mixed Paint

Measuring Spacing for Nails

Hammering Nailhead Trim

Nailhead Trim Side Table

New hardware and trim.

So now that my booths at Through the Garden Gate look like an end table warehouse, I am hoping that they go as easily as they came.

But knowing myself, like most rehabbers, no matter what they are....will be turned away!

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