Saturday, August 18, 2012

Master Bathroom Was A Blank Slate

Ever have one of those rooms that is just so blank and blah, that one day you wake up and you just can't take it any longer?

So , your fancy is struck and your immediate inspiration and desire for change send you into a redecorating frenzy!

Meanwhile, your creativity has to replace the means for having a planned budget. 

No sweat. Figuratively speaking.......

Boring Master Bath Before

Master Bath After

Khaki paint called "Cabin"  added just enough color on the walls.

Log Trimmed Mirror

Backyard branches serve as a frame for the mirror.

Easy Scrapbook Paper Art

An existing frame got a more natural look with a piece of scrapbook paper.

Window Valance Made from Scrap Material

Leftover scrap material pieced together and box-pleated made a nice topper for the window. I did splurge and bought a woven wood blind from Lowe's. This was the most expensive item used for the redo. I believe it was around $35.

Woven Wood Blind from Lowe's

This low-light loving plant loves the space under the window. Mulch made for orchid plants is an attractive cover over the soil and it helps retain moisture.

Cabinet Drawer Repurposed as Shelf

A trip to the Habitat Home Store in Mechanicsville, VA provided a cabinet drawer that I repurposed into a shelf for holding toiletries and necessities.

Vintage Metal Pitcher

The air return register is directly above the shelf so the eucalyptus in the vintage pitcher acts as an air freshener when the air blows over it. I also put popourri in the bowls.

Natural Twig and Branch Towel Hooks

Towel Loops were constructed from an old belt and hung on stained branches.

Belt Buckle Towel Hanger

Bath Necessities: Salts, Oatmeal, and Baking Soda

These additives for the bath are inexpensive and easy. Salts ease aches, oatmeal softens skin, and baking soda soothes mosquito bites. Add lavendar or oils for aromatherapy. Ahhhhhhhhhh!

Swagged Curtain With Tie Back

Again, extra material and some trim scraps piece together for a drapery accent over the shower curtain.

Hammered Copper Spray Paint

Inexpensive and easy, spray paint ties in hardware and accessories.

Stick-On Vinyl Tiles

Big Lots had these vinyl tiles that can be put on right over the existing vinyl. A quick fix for around $10.



I feel so much better after banishing the blahs! And my pocketbook still feels great afterwards too!

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