Saturday, August 11, 2012

Estate Sale Thrifty Finds

Awesome finds today! After searching the postings for yard sales and estate sales on Craigslist and, I plotted a course through Ashland, VA, (right before the visiting Mitt Romney traffic, thank heavens) Richmond, VA, and western Henrico County.

The first sale, in Ashland, was a picker's dream! Full house....upstairs, downstairs and sun porch. Outside....huge garage and open storage out-buildings piled high with rustic and industrial goodies.

This one was family run, which I prefer. Better prices and they always love bundling. You also get to hear stories and the history behind the items you pick.

Lets take a peek, shall we?!

Not an actual antique, but I think it's cute enough! I bought this for my parent's guest room. My mother has a Jenny Lind bed that this table will complement nicely. We will have to decide if it is going to be painted, though.

I am a complete sucker for wood tool boxes and crates, etc. When I saw the iron handle on the handmade box I loved it! I was also diggin the aluminum lunchbox and the glass jar. All three can be repurposed and used in a crafty manner.

Next sale was in an older neighborhood and it must have belonged to a real swinger! The house was retro mid century with shagtastic radios and speakers built into the walls, a bar in the den with a rock wall fireplace, and a pool table in the man-of-leisure room (man cave).

This esate sale was also run by the family and they really gave great deals. I scored this lovely mirror for five bucks! Sold! Should I leave it gold or do I dare paint it glossy white? Decisions, decisions!

I also got this absolutely fabulous owl pendant! It was a whopping dollar bill! Awesome deal!

And when I found out I could get this mid century stool/ottoman for $4, well say no more. You had me at $4! I will find some funky material to recover it. I love the slight curve of the wood legs. So unique!

Me and my other "junkies" (my husband and step-daughter) went on to two more estate sales. One by Fini and the other by Susan's Selections. It was the second day so there were 20% and 50% savings respectfully.

What a great haul all in all. I can't wait to see all the other great finds from the weekend out there in the blog-o-sphere! 

Happy Hunting!

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  1. Hi there...visiting via Southern Hospitality! I love all your finds--the mirror especially. I vote for leaving it gold, but it would be beautiful either way!

  2. Ohhhhh now I'M JEALOUS!!! Your mirror is insane. That owl pendant??? AHHHH!

  3. It was a good weekend! There was something I loved at every sale! Wish me luch tomorrow! I need more cool junk, of course!