Saturday, May 26, 2012


For many a DIYer, frames and material are an obsession. So putting the two together is really a no-brainer.

This piece of wall art is already dimensional but it wasn't big enough to fill the chosen expanse of wall.

These frames were $2 a piece and would fit around the piece of art with plenty of room left.

The frame really helped fill out the space on the wall, but with all the open spaces on the piece needed some depth.

Choosing a fabric with texture will add subtle but substantial depth. Trace around the frame and staple to the back and....

then you've got a new piece of wall art.

A sample remnant fit nicely into the larger bamboo frame.

I never pass up a frame with a unique shape. I know I will use them.

I find these alot at sales and thrift stores. The shape allows for some interesting groupings.

There are many options or "themes" that can be used for frames in groups. I chose botanicals.

For a whopping total of $14, I got six decent-sized pieces of wall art.

Not bad. Not bad at all.

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