Monday, July 9, 2012


HGTV Gardening By The Yard with Paul James

Putting your own personality and flair in your garden is more than just designing the layout of your plants. I was introduced to the term, "Garden Whimsy" one Sunday morning via the gardening guy himself, Paul James.

And....what better time of the year to show some garden decor with a whimsical touch, since most of my plants are a little crispy and not looking their best for pictures during the heat wave. Maybe it will lighten the bad mood I'm in from looking at my heat exhausted garden beds and lawn.

So What is "Garden Whimsy"?

Glad you asked....take a peek at an archived article by Paul James on He, of course, explains it best......

Basically anything goes that expresses a fun-loving attitude about playing in the dirt!

Garden Whimsy can be strictly decorative.

Painted Pig decorates deck

Painted Pig before
After being spiffed up with a little spray paint, (I sprayed it in a cup and brushed it on) a $10 orange piggy bank keeps me company on the back deck.

Painted Pig after
Whimsical Cherub Blows a Kiss

Metal Butterflies Add Whimsy to a Boring View

Three Dollar Thrifty Decorative Birdhouse

Old Iron Butterfly Lantern Lands in the Pine Tags

See, Hear, Speak No Evil Frogs

Plate Flower Dances with the Sedum

Garden Whimsy can be signage.

Garden Whimsy can be utilized.
Copper Hose Pot lined with wine bottles

Garden Whimsy can be a path.

Garden Whimsy can be sat upon.

Garden Whimsy can be containers.
Free find treasures as planters

Garden Whimsy can be a water supply.
Rain chain and decorative pot

Cat bird bath

Salvaged bird bath top on top of copper planter

Decorative copper wall plate used as a bird bath

Garden Whimsy can support wildlife.

Butterfly and Insect Drinking Dish

Toad House

Too small for this guy!

Garden Whimsy is for the birds.


Thank you, Paul James, for the inspiration! May everyone be as whimsical as you!

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  1. Why oh why can't I be as creative? I love all the ideas and want them all!! Great post, I enjoyed it thoroughly and pray you and yours are fairing well after last weeks exciting adventures with no power :\ We made it through thank the Lord but never want to go through something like that ever again.